TS was down for 5 minutes last not. Unknown cause it's been escalated to the provider. Waiting on an RFO.
TS3 server patched to the latest stable release
EQ2 Guild Night moved to Mondays 8PM ET
EQ2 Group starting on Halls of Fate (formally GUK) Server
TS Was broke tonight sorry. See my latest forum post about it. I hope its fixed now.
Congrats Prediant on your winning the Fantasy Football trophy this year
Guys I had to move TS on short notice. Hopefully we are good for a couple years now. Sorry for the short notice. Please read the forum post.
Brugan I might be interested.
I've got GTA V now if anyone wants to play
Sorry TS was down. I am looking into it. THe server it is on was rebooted and my auto start script did not run.
You do not have access to shout.
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