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Dragonriders has reached a new record of 40 registered users today!
Ramath   good god I was # 40???
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PrediantEverquest 2: If anyone would like to play and needs help catching up to the guild group level let me know.
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PrediantDragonriders Fantasy Football Final Standings:
1. Dragonfire
2. NC Dreadnaughts
3. Ohm's Law
4. Sparkle Motion
5. Nazrat's Weyr
6. Killer Kermies
7. Memphis Express
8. Cobra Kai
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Tenasi   A well deserved win for you Prediant !
Crimson Officer  created a new thread Ts Moved Again 12/26/2016 in the News & Announcements forum
PrediantDragonriders Fantasy Football Week 15 Winners: Dragonfire, Ohm's Law, Sparkle Motion, NC Dreadnaughts
PrediantDragonriders Fantasy Football Week 14 Winners: Dragonfire, Sparkle Motion, Memphis Express, Sparkle Motion. Playoffs begin this week.
PrediantDragonriders Fantasy Football Week 13 Winners: Dragonfire, Nazrat's Weyr, Killer Kermies, Ohm's Law
PrediantDragonriders Fantasy Football Week 12 Winners: Dragonfire, NC Dreadnaughts, Sparkle Motion, Nazrat's Weyr
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